Broadcasting your brand
through social media

Plan Selector - 12 month plans

We offer two packages, with three versions and flexibility that lets you choose any combination of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and for different lengths of time.

You can Optimize your social media with our Platinum package. It delivers daily 4-7 tweets, 2 Facebook posts and 2 LinkedIn posts. It even includes 3 images each week to add powerful visuals to make promotions more memorable.

Or, you can Boost your social media and spend less with our Gold package. It delivers daily 2 tweets and 1 Facebook post and 1 LinkedIn post to reach your target audience. The Gold package gives you the option to add images. But images are not required.

Our plan lengths are flexible. We offer 3, 6, or 12 month plans designed to meet any budget. You can even choose just one month (though not recommended). You select the social media platforms or platform you want to build to engage your audience and let us do the rest. It's that easy. See how little it costs to let BizKast start creating an online buzz about your business through social media.

Our plans include daily posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and you can get started promoting your business in all three for as little as $259 per month.

Can you afford to wait any longer? Now is the time to start building your social media presence. It's easy to get started.