Broadcasting your brand
through social media

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

  • Improve your web site's conversion rate
  • Brand recognition and repeat exposure
  • Getting ahead of competition
  • Not falling behind competition
  • Grow your market power
  • Improve your authority
  • SEO
  • Web site traffic (result of improved SEO)

What if I don't have Twitter or Facebook?

We can get you set up with both. Twitter is $50.00 and Facebook is $150 - $350.

How do I get Twitter followers?

We'll share an easy way for you to attract new targeted followers. If you want, we'll be happy to do it for you. The amount we charge depends on how many followers you want. And these are quality, targeted followers, not purchased followers.

What content can I expect in my tweets and posts?

Our content is basic social content that is keyword rich and includes researched hash tags that help promote your business in social media. We suggest you choose a plan with photos because it enriches the user experience and makes posts more visually appealing.

Why use BizKast to manage my social media marketing?

We're experts. We understand the technology and trends. We will optimize your social media channel by posting every day come rain or shine. That's 4 - 7 tweets and 2 Facebook posts every day. And with our Control Panel, you can still tweet and post whenever you want.

We schedule everything at least a week ahead in the Control Panel, so you can review, edit or delete what we write. (Be sure to tell us what you like or don't like.)

Social networks are a fast paced technology and you have to invest a lot of time on the details to get the perfect social media balance. The best way for your business to benefit from a social media campaign is to leave the "heavy lifting" to us. We know the exact recipe to create a social media campaign that provides an interesting and authoritative set of posts that your clients will love and will also help your web site's SEO by improving the social media factor that Google weighs with increasing importance.

Plenty of keyword rich content, nicely spaced out during the day. All of which can be reviewed by you via our simple to use Control Panel because we schedule your content at least seven days ahead.

What are the benefits of using Twitter?

First, you're going to want to embed your twitter feed on the home page of your web site (we can help). People landing on the site will immediately be presented with content that is recent, interesting, relevant and engaging so they are likely to stay on the site longer and give it higher value for using up-to-date technology. This makes the site looks more professional, particularly if competition does not have a twitter feed on their sites.

Having a more engaging and professional web site will give a better return on investment.

Because your twitter feed is constantly changing, search engines notice and crawl the site more often. Sites with frequent updates are considered more relevant by search engines, which improves SEO. And the content is keyword rich, which improves rank for your keywords, and increases the chance of better rank in search engine results for those keywords.

Why can't I just do this myself?

You can if you're willing to commit the resources necessary to train or hire staff, set goals and manage performance. We're confident that we have a better solution.

A lot of people start out with good intentions of keeping their social media feed current, but it takes a lot of dedication to log in and post 4 - 7 tweets per day and 2 posts and come up with good content.

We're experts at what we do. We'll ensure that your social media feeds are buzzing with activity that's positive for your business every day, every week, every month. We try to keep it fun by mixing in the right number of tweets or posts about your products or services to ensure the keyword mix is correct (to maximize Google benefits).

We profile your business, research your industry and ensure the information we use is perfect to promote your business. We'll still be posting while you are working on building your business, while you're on vacation, in meetings or out of the office. We are experts at posting well thought-out content 4 - 7 times per day to promote your business.

And remember, you can post too. We highly encourage our clients to post as often as they can, especially with things we can't. You landed a new client or witnessed something extraordinary. Your favorite sports team won.

What are the benefits of using Facebook?

Facebook is still the largest of all the social media networks. Having a busy presence on Facebook is a great way to gain interest in your business from the enormous amount of Facebook users. Lots of people are now searching Facebook and your keyword rich Facebook page will be interesting to users that find it. People very familiar with Facebook are more likely to have used it personally than Twitter. To realize the full benefits of a social media marketing campaign, it's a great idea to be posting content and images on Twitter and Facebook.

Why is there a set-up fee?

To provide excellent tweets and posts, we need to understand your business. That's why we request that clients complete our business profile. It's a lengthy questionnaire that helps us understand your company. The more information we have about you and your company the better the tweets or posts we can write about your business.

We write tweets and posts as if you were writing them, so it is vital that we know as much about you and your business as possible. And in addition, you will be able to tell us which keywords and areas of your business you would like us to focus on. We examine your web site and others in your industry. We research facts, tips, tricks and trivia about your industry to ensure you are seen as an industry authority within your social platforms.

Can you schedule specific tweets or posts for me at specific times?

Yes! We can schedule posts for you to announce start dates for sales or other information on your behalf. And even better, our control panel enables YOU to easily and quickly monitor our social media content that we've scheduled for you, and add or amend your own items. It gives you complete control over your Twitter and Facebook networks. If you haven't tried out our Control Panel yet, be sure to demo it.

Can I trust you to write on my behalf?

We are highly trained and have excellent word skills. Nevertheless, there's another level of protection. We "queue up" your posts at least 7 days in advance. This has the dual benefits of ensuring we always have good quality posts about your company ready to send and it allows a more senior member of staff to apply a level of quality control over everything that is written by their team. These are scheduled via your Control Panel to allow you to review them at your leisure to be sure you like what we're saying about you.

Why not connect Facebook and Twitter and pay for just one service?

Posting duplicate content into different social networks at the same time isn't really an effective social media marketing strategy. Each social network is a unique community and its own social signal. Value for your business is determined by frequency of updates, and content relevance and uniqueness. Not only are tweets duplicated on Facebook as posts not unique but tweets differ from posts. They are generally more generic. Tweet content posted regularly on Facebook can be seen as spam and harm the page.

Search engines employ sophisticated programs designed to separate authentic content from duplicate content. To gain the benefits of social media, you need relevant content posted to Twitter and Facebook at different times.

Do you include hash tags in tweets?

Yes! Facebook also supports hash tags so we use them for Facebook posts too. If you have specific things you want to include, let us know. Otherwise, leave it to us to mix them in with the tweets that we write about your business. Hash tags are an excellent way to get keywords included in tweets as well as the possibility of gaining additional followers from those following conversations on Twitter.

Why are photos or images important?

We take photos -- yours or ours -- from our royalty free library and turn them into calls-to-action (links to your web site). The images are unique and only exist for your social media feeds. There are two distinct benefits:

  • Google highly values unique images and interprets you posting them as very positive.
  • Photos make your feed look attractive! We are visual creatures and a text-only Facebook page (or Twitter account) is a much more boring place to be than somewhere with some visual stimulus. Our research has found the perfect balance -- and we can apply it for you to make your social media marketing a success.

What size images do I need to supply you with?

We need at least 1024 pixels to avoid blurry images.

How soon will I see posts?

After we receive payment, we will need you to complete our Business Profiler and Set Up forms. After receiving those we will get started posting in about 10 days. During this time we will study your profile and do some research to learn as much as we can about you and your business. So you can expect posts to begin about 10 days after submitting the documents.

How will I know that this is working?

  • In the Control Panel under STATS you can see traffic statistics, location and source data.
  • You will see an increase in your web site conversion rate.
  • You will see retweets, favorites and new followers.
  • Using Analytics, you will see social media referred traffic. (If you lack Analytics code, ask us about installing it.)
  • Ask us about monthly reports that monitor social media activity and measure change.

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